I am Lisa JaNae Barrow. Mother of three beautiful children and wife of 28 years! I always loved going to school. As a child I remember watching the BIG KIDS in the neighborhood walking home from school. They looked so independent and cool! I would find large books around the house and walk down the sidewalk pretending to be just like them. I am a social creature and still love to verbalize most of my thoughts and feelings. Because of this, I was often in trouble at school for talking too much and not listening.

I studied Humanities and English Education at Brigham Young University. Instead of one semester as a student teacher, I taught sixth grade English for a full year with half salary under the direction of a certified lead teacher. Spanish Fork Intermediate School in the Nebo School District was my first teaching job!

After graduation, Mark and I moved to Arizona for graduate school. I was hired by Chandler School District and taught English and history at Willis Junior High. It was tough! I was young, inexperienced and full of many expectations of how students were suppose to act and perform in school. However, we often learn some of lives toughest lessons when things are hard! After four years in Chandler School district I chose to stay home with my two babies. Mark and I both knew how important those years are. I am so grateful I had that time to watch them grow.

During this time at home I pursued a Masters Degree in Educational Leadership from Northern Arizona University. I have always felt driven to keep learning and wanted to keep up my teaching certificate even if I was not working in a classroom.

In 2015, I returned to the classroom full time as an English teacher. Education is constantly changing. Everyone has a solution to the challenges of teaching. I try to remain open and listen to new ideas. However, at the end of the day, students need high expectations and clear instructions. They need specific feedback and most important…they need love and acceptance. If a student knows that you care about their success they will work. I have loved my time as a teacher. I have loved the friendships I have made. I admire and respect the people that have mentored me along the way. My COVID CLASSROOM year will be one to remember.

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